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Porn star Barbie Cummings Sins recently made headlines Barbie Cummings Cop Video when she claimed she performed oral sex on a Tennessee state trooper who stopped her for speeding, sending pictures and video footage back. On her blog under her film name Barbie Cummings she writes of this encounter occurring last May and notes it sent photos and videos back from him as proof.

Cummings claims her traffic stop outside Nashville took only minutes; but some hours later, trooper James Randy Moss visited her website on his state-issued laptop and Barbie Cummings Cop Video accepted her offer of oral sex – taking photos and video footage to document their encounter. Cummings claims Moss also discarded illegal painkillers found in her vehicle before leaving her in custody, she wrote in her report.

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Moss decided not to accept being fired after an internal investigation of the incident; however, THP officials say they plan Barbie Cummings Cop Video to prosecute him on 10 charges, such as tampering with evidence and official misconduct. His lawyer John Lowery maintains that Moss doesn’t contest anything Cummings has said but rather denies accepting sexual favors for pills.

A Tennessee state trooper has been accused of engaging in oral sex with a porn star, yet his lawyer claims they won’t face being fired as James Randy Moss will voluntarily resign instead, according to their legal representation.

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A woman known as Justis Ellen Richert performed by Moss was pulled over on May 7 and issued with a speeding ticket after being Barbie Cummings Cop Video searched and found illegal painkillers, which he promptly threw away, according to her blog entry. Later that same evening he visited her sex-video website using state-issued laptop and accepted her offer of oral sex; during which they both took photos and video. They shared these with him shortly thereafter.

Her blog has since been taken down and she has not been charged with a crime. Scott Lowery, Moss’s attorney, states his client denies all accusations but will make no further comments on them. Police discovered about this incident after porn star Moss’ blog was made available online.